Secure clients' money related information with AI assistant that doesn’t forfeit trust for accommodation

Budgetary administrations organizations around the globe use Alice to manufacture artificial intelligence chatbots that meet the strictest information security guidelines, on the framework of their decision.

Clients predict that banks should work beyond 9-5

Be there when and where your clients are, with implanted AI chatbots on a cell phone or web. AI-controlled exchange the executives permits your conversational artificial intelligence bot to deal with complex client needs outside of typical business hours.

Give your clients a bank employee in the palm of their hand.

  • Transfer funds
  • Open and close accounts
  • Update contact details
  • Request replacement credit cards

Persuade the strictest security necessities

Alice works inside the IT landscape of large banks. Completely control your framework and data protection.

Progressed NLU and dialogue management

Alter and train language models explicitly for banking and monetary administration terms. Oversee multi-turn dialogue with AI.

Localized Support

Language-freethinker NLU permits you to help clients in different local markets with artificial intelligence associates in any language.

Automating 30% of a basic customer care request, to concentrate on the extremely significant tasks

National Bank Limited

Established as the first private sector bank fully owned by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, NBL has been flourishing as the largest private sector Bank with the passage of time after facing many stress and strain. The members of the board of directors are creative businessmen and leading industrialists of the country.

NBL is confronting client assistance challenges while staying aware of solid growth. To improve the client experience through quicker reactions, NBL chose to explore using simulated intelligence in its client assistance operations. Furthermore, the organization needed to automate more difficult, to and fro conversations.


Implementing Alice, NBL had the option to get from thought to create in about a month and conveyed the bot on their safe cloud condition with full information control. A group comprising of data scientists, creators, and NLP Trainers, worked intimately with client support.

In particular, the group had the option to deal with increasingly complex discussions utilizing Alice’s AI-based discourse man-made intelligence rather than hand-making each standard. Presently the artificial intelligence is running in few distinct languages in their chatbot, in any event, dealing with complex undertakings, for example, reports of cards being lost or taken.


NBL’s group had the option to change the AI models to top execution with their own informational collections. Setting their artificial intelligence collaborator live in their chatbot immediately brought about the automated handling of 20% of customer care demands. NBL is dealing with carrying this to 30% and beyond.