Artificial intelligence

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Our AI Solution

An end-to-end affordable human-in-the-loop data annotation & model training platform for AI applications

Our Services (Data Annotation)

Services currently being offered

Image Annotation
  • Image Classification
  • 2D Bounding Boxes
  • 3D Bounding Boxes
  • Polygons
  • Landmarks
  • Attribute Categorization
  • Video Annotation

Services to be offered next

Text Annotation
  • Classification
  • Semantic Capture
  • Entity Extraction
Specialized Annotation
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Financial Services

Our Services (Data Modeling)

Services being developed

Machine Learning
  • Customized ML solutions across ecommerce, logistics, fintech, ride hailing
  • Robust model training with labelled data
  • Ongoing model retraining and remote developer team support
Data Engineering
  • Building scalable data infrastructure and dynamic dashboards
  • Integration with real-time decision engines