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December 7, 2020
April 30, 2014


AGV comes with a UVC Sterilization kit to fight against the current pandemic situation. This comes as an attachment with the robot, to increase the usability of the robot. UVC radiations are harmful to humans and hence, it is important to avoid contact with the radiations. Therefore it’s equipped with human detection sensors which turns the lamps off in presence of human being. The UVC kit comes with a battery backup of 2 hours and runs 7 hours when fully charged. The solution comes with 6 TUV Grade 180W Germicidal Lamps from Philips. Each lamp has a UVC Radiation power of 30W at 100h.AGVs have numerous applications varying from warehouse robots to hospitality.



INU, a smart and interactive Mannequin. Mannequins are evolving. INU is no longer content to stand stiffly and quietly in retail stores, INU mannequin can move, talk and even see. It can wear different kind of cloths. It can pose in many ways to attract customers. It can interact with the customer to help them to decide what they want to buy. It can print gift vouchers and give best prices to the customers. It can answer questions promptly, with virtual mouth moving accordingly and create quite a stir.


Smart solution  and automation are the demand of tomorrow’s industrial world. Considering the future, M-ARM can walk freely without any human intervention or control. It has got all the sensors and a smart learning brain to avoid obstacles, it can remember its own path, and map the entire workplace. It has got versatility to be customized to the business requirement. A high resolution camera gives vision to the robot so that it knows what to pick and where to pick from. Pick and place automation.

Robot ARM

This is a 4 axis robot arm which enables this to be installed in any position. Weight 10 kg and pay load 1kg. Repeatability roatation of each joint is 1mm.

IoT Devices



4-port RFID module that can be used in fixed UHF RFID readers, integrated RFID readers, etc. This reliable module is small in size, low in power consumption, and high in stability. It is also resistant to electromagnetic interference and good at heat dispersion. The module appeals to challenging industries like warehousing, logistics, apparel, production lines and such.


We are providing solution for the stream of healthcare. Considering remote conditions, where doctors are not available; installing RHS will help patients check themselves at the machines. It’s as simple as withdrawing cash. A doctor will be controlling the machine remotely with a controlled environment to cure basic diseases. RHS is a revolution to remote healthcare services in the upcoming world.


UV Devices

UV Clean Lite

  • For smaller spaces like dentist's office, residential use, small office rooms.
  • Auto shut off when human detected.
  • Manual. Just turn it on when you leave the room. It will sanitize the room. Then set in it the next room.
  • Philips UV bulb.
  • Mobile

UV Sterilizing Robot

Disinfection spray Robot